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Share Capital

The share capital of NTR Holding comprises 2,474,700 shares. Each share represents DKK 2.00, and thus the total nominal share capital amounts to DKK 4,949,400. The share capital is distributed in groups, as follows:

  Number of shares
A-shares 109,329
B-shares 2,365,371
Totally 2,474,700

Until 29th April 2024 the board of directors of the company is authorised to increase the share capital by up to 1,000,000 new B-shares. The capital increase may take place at market price without pre-emption right for the present shareholders, and the capital increase may take place in another way than cash payment. The capital increase may also take place at special price with pre-emption right for the present shareholders.

Shareholders right

The B-shares of the company are listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen, whereas the A-shares are unlisted. According to the articles of association all shares in NTR Holding A/S are to be registered.

On the general meeting of the company each ordinary share gives 10 votes, whereas each preference share gives 1 vote. Voting right rests with shareholders alone, who at the registration date one week prior to the general meeting have had the shares registered in the share register of the company. Shareholders must notify the company of their attendance at least 3 days prior to the general meeting.

On the general meeting of the company the B-shareholders are entitled to elect one board member, whereas the remaining board members are elected by all shareholders.

Shareholder structure

A number of shareholders have with reference to §55 of the Companies Act applied for registration that they hold more than 5% of the shares or more than 5% of the voting rights.

NTR Holding's ordinary share capital is owned by a narrow circle of large shareholders, comprising

  • Civilingeniør N. T. Rasmussens Fond
  • Olav Würtz Hansen and Olav W. Hansen A/S
  • EDJ Gruppen
  • Strategic Investments A/S

NTR Holding has approx. 800 registered shareholders.

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